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Silvio Bacchetta

GPI from/to Master Control

By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 24 February 2013 at 21:22 (3 comments)



as a side effect to out Mosart implementation, we are considering to wire GPI from/to Master Control (a pretty common Harris controller), to automate advertising. It should also send a sttart trigger to the Production Control Room at the end of advertising playlist.

Is there any running Mosart with this setup? I'm interested about how much reliable it is.


Silvio Bacchetta
By Christian Merten from Vizrt (Norway) - 14 March 2013 at 17:44

Yes, we are doing this to trigger our continuity automation (Harris D-Series).
But as our continuity is based in Munich, we are using a VBI inserter.
Because it is so far, we did not implement a "from continuity to mosart" GPI.

I know that Sky Germany has implemented the same using cue tone on the embedded audio. That also seems to work fine.

Silvio Bacchetta
By Pierre Soelberg from DR (Denmark) - 04 April 2013 at 10:00

We used to do this at DR Update. Now this channel is closed, and the Mosart setup is used on the DR2 channel, where there is no need for an automated "continuity start".

DR Update was a news loop channel, so there would be 10 mins live news where Mosart did the show, and then this would be repeated automatically by a Snell Morpeus system that had recorded the show. The recording itself was controlled by some time codes that were exported with the Mosart Logging Service. But we had GPO to Morpeus to start the playout.

It worked, but at the end we would only use this function as a direct take, so not as a command in a story in the playlist. The reason for this was that when Mosart was not on air, there could be quite a lot of rehearsing and recording going on, and there it would simply be too dangerous if suddenly there would be sent a "Take Next" command to Morpeus because of a rehearsal in a studio that is not on air.

So I would be very careful about letting Mosart controlling external resources, such as routers that control what is on air. A direct take can be o.k., but be very careful about commands in the playlist, unless you do something else to prevent commands going out of the system when it is not on air.

Silvio Bacchetta
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 04 April 2013 at 17:25

Thanks everyone for the advice. We should began tests soon. There should be no rehearsing in the studio at night, so a commnad in the story should be safe. Maybe we could put that device in standby when off air.

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