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Dario Milazzo

Studer Vista 8 & Mosart

By Dario Milazzo from Sky Italia (Italy) - 06 May 2013 at 10:16 (6 comments)

Good morning to everybody.

My manager, at Sky Italy, asked me to investigate about the rehearsals made by an European broadcaster between Studer Vista 8 and Mosart.
The Studer italian importer is replying me that this is impossibile because Studer hasn't released yet the v.4.9 application for this model (only vista 1 & 5).

Someone is doing tests with this configuration ? Where's the truth ?

My best regards.

Dario Milazzo
By Erlend Våge from TV 2 (Norway) - 21 May 2013 at 21:56

It's still in beta testing, so it's not official. But it'll come :)

Dario Milazzo
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 25 May 2013 at 19:03

Good to know, Erlend! Can you share some piece of information with us or it's under NDA? It would be nice to know if you need a Vista 8 running XP (we have a win 2k one) or some special hardware setup.



Dario Milazzo
By Dario Milazzo from Sky Italia (Italy) - 26 May 2013 at 10:02

Hi Erlend, thank you for answering. As asked before my colleague Silvio, I'm interested to know something more, if you can, of course.
In particular, I''d like to know if you have forced to update the pc that runs the Vista8 application. Our Italian importer told us that it's necessary to do this in order to install the v4.9 and subsequent. Infact, the processor speed and ram installed are not adequate to install Windows XP (we have Win2K). So, you can imagine that the update operation it's not quite a breeze... and it's expensive !
Did you do the hw upgrade to run v4.9, or time ago did you receive a new Vista8 with just installed the new hw and WinXP ?
If you are able to give me any further info, will be appreciated.
If someone is reading this post and wants give me more details, is welcomed.
Dario Milazzo
By Erlend Våge from TV 2 (Norway) - 26 May 2013 at 11:34

Unfortunately, I don't have any details about the software. But it seems the Vista 1 we used in a recent installation used Microsoft Windows XP Embedded (or what it is called).

In Bergen we have a Vista 8, but I'm not sure about the software. But I can check that during the week.

Dario Milazzo
By Dario Milazzo from Sky Italia (Italy) - 26 May 2013 at 13:45

Hi Erlend, yes, Vista 1 it's the newest baby born at Studer's factory, and uses the WinXP embedded as O.S.. But Vista 8 has an old architecture, both on soft and hardware. We know, as unofficial info, that Studer doesn't want go further developing specific releases for Vista 8. The workaround is to setup a new hw configuration inside the Vista8 as similar as possibile to Vistas 1 / 5mark 3 /9.
For the applications it will seem to manage one of those three supported environments.

So, if possible and if you can and want, during the next week, could you give a glance into the sw environment of your Vista8, just to understand in a better way what game Studer is playing and how much truth is on the words of our italian importer ?

Ah... the last question: how did you obtained the beta release from Studer ? In Switzerland they know that we are in trouble with the delay that our Vista 8 is creating in Mosart's setup. They could propose us to install the beta, so we can go further, but nothing...

Thank you for your patience, I'm avalaible to give you other infos.
Ciao !
Dario Milazzo
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 01 June 2013 at 11:39

If it can help other users, last week Studer has released an official software update for Vista 8, supporting Ember+, Pro-Bel routing protocol and Mosart. Since Vista 8 is a discontinued product, there will be no further updates, or so I hear, but this should be enough.

We will start installing next week.

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