One of the Viz Mosart automated control rooms in Helsinki (Photo: Michael Jensen)

One of the Viz Mosart automated control rooms in Helsinki (Photo: Michael Jensen)

Viz Mosart Summit 2015 in Finland

By Nicki Lolk Soerensen - 27 April 2015 at 16:01

The annual gathering of Mosart users will bring you more tools for your rundown than ever

YLE, the Finnish public broadcaster, is this year's host of the Viz Mosart Summit. Since 2010 they have automated more and more newscasts with Viz Mosart, and if you attend the Summit, you will get a chance to see how they do it.

The Viz Mosart Summit is a user-driven gathering of broadcasters with a keen interest in innovation and automation. Experienced and new Viz Mosart users gather to learn, explore and spark inspiration.

Among the speakers:

Kurt Mathiasen from TV 2 Denmark and Mads Grønbæk from Viz Mosart will tell about an exciting new tool, which originally was called 'the salami method' (it's not anymore!). It's a new way of exploiting your resources to a new level.

Like many other broadcasters, BBC has local news inserts, but they switch back and forth like it's a piece of cake. In the headline sequence, three stories are national, then one local, and then back to national news. So how do they do it? Director Morag McIntosh will reveal the secret!

Viz Mosart is slowly (very slowly) going into the US market. Last year, the sports broadcaster Pac-12 Networks went on air with Viz Mosart, and systems engineer Charley Haggarty will talk about the proces.

More than 150 participants are expected at the summit, which also includes a social event for networking and exchange of ideas. If you are a Viz Mosart user, sign up and book a plane ticket to Helsinki on June 4 and 5.

More about the Summit on Vizrt's website. You can sign up here

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